A good Food Photographer understands the critical aspects of Photography from the right angles to Styling, Editing, and how to manipulate light to make food look great for the camera.


A food stylist understands that preparing and styling food for the camera is different than the traditional methods. Food styling is about knowing the rules of composition and the tricks to make food look good on the camera. It’s about understanding how your brain perceives the color, texture, lines, shapes, etc. to create a well-balanced image.

Teena also works with media agencies and on commercial projects as a Food Stylist.


In today’s visual world, when it’s challenging to grab the attention on social media, recipe, and motion videos stand out, thus leading to more engagement and visibility. This kind of content works well for Social media marketing.


People don’t just enjoy good food but the ambiance and the feel of a place. It doesn’t matter if it’s a luxury restaurant or a small eatery, it’s always good to convey to your customers the look and feel of your place.


Times have changed, and everyone likes to experiment with different cooking styles. If you have a food-related product, then providing recipes on your social media accounts and website is a great way to showcase your brand and attract loyal followers.


If you are small to medium-sized (SME) business and don’t have a big budget to hire a team and rent a studio, we can provide affordable and beautiful professional images.

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