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Hi There! My name is Teena, and I am a Professional Food Photographer and Stylist in Dubai. I was passionate about photography since my teenage. This passion later made photography as my profession. Besides Photography & Styling, I am also a recipe developer and have worked with various food brands in the industry. When I don’t have DSLR in my hand, you will find me in the kitchen exploring new dishes. I am a passionate baker and Wilton certified. I do run a food blog with the name – ‘Art of Palate.’

In the past few years, I have acquired knowledge about photography and the aspects of Food Styling. The expertise that I hold today is a result of countless hours of practice, devotion, and hard work. I frequently Photograph and style Menus for restaurants and for social media. I also work with food brands and media agencies as a stylist, where I am required to prepare or develop a recipe for a commercial shoot. I also team up with photographers who need a stylist.

Beautiful Food Photography doesn’t have to be expensive, and we aim to make it affordable. Food is fun and close to my heart, so I put my heart and soul while working on a project.

While large commercial shoot requires a team of Photographers, Stylist, and Creative directors, which can be expensive, it is not the case for Restaurant Photography. A Restaurant or food photography only requires a Professional Food Photographer who is well versed with Styling and Composition and has a thorough understanding of lighting and editing.

Please visit my portfolio to get an idea about my work. If you want to understand the pricing or discuss photography for your restaurant or brand, please call me on 971506993010, and I would love to walk you through.

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What is food photography?

Food photography is a branch of commercial photography (still life photography genre) that is used to craft beautiful still life photographs of food. Those food photographs are used in magazines, advertisements, hoardings, menus, cookbooks, packaging, etc.

How food photography is done?

Food photography can be done using high-end camera phones and DSLRs. Images of food are captured in such a way that it attracts attention and looks appetizing. Natural and Artificial lighting can be used while doing food photography.

Why food photography is important for restaurants?

Professional food photography helps in boosting brand presence. It helps in marketing and can increase sales. It attracts potential customers. It also helps customers to understand what they are ordering. Online menus with beautiful images tends to bring in more orders.

Why is lighting important in food photography?

Light plays a crucial role in defining the beauty of photograph. When it comes to food photography it brings out the texture and details of food. For Food photography usually backlighting or sidelighting work best. Understanding light is the key to a beautiful image.

How much does food photography cost?

The cost of food photography varies based on the photographers experience, the equipment they make use of, and a lot of such factors. Some food photographers charge on a project basis, some on per day basis and many others on an hourly basis. So, get on a call to discuss the details.

What does a food photographer do?

The primary work of food photographers is to capture mesmerizing images of food to make it appealing. These still photographs can be used for websites, flyers, hoardings, magazines, emails, restaurant promotional materials, and cookbooks.

How much does a food photographer charge?

There are a lot of factors that decide the fee of food photographers like their experience, their brand value, time investment, location (or in-house), who is styling food, where photos will be used (cookbooks, menu, website, etc) and several other variables.

Who is a food stylist?

A professional who prepares food for photography or videography is known as a food stylist.

A Food stylist understands that prepping and cooking food for the camera is different from that of traditional cooking.

Understanding the tips and techniques that require to make food look good is very important. e.g: Making meat look juicy, keeping an icecream intact or crafting that perfect looking burger.

Who do food stylists work for?

Food stylists are creative professionals who work closely and mostly with chefs and photographers. They usually prepare food and style them using different techniques.

There are food photographers who works as stylist too and understands styling and composition.

How much does a food stylist cost?

The fee is unpredictable as there are several variables associated with the task. The charges of food stylist may vary with pre/post production time, the fee of assistant (if any), shooting fee, etc. Usually, the fee charged will be for the “day rate”.

Where does food stylist work?

Food stylists start their careers as traditional cooks or chefs since they understand food better. Later, they either acquire photography skills and become food photographers or they work closely with food photographers to help them with food styling.

When is food styling used?

Food styling is used either in restaurants while serving the dishes or is required when you want food photography for your business promotion. It’s used to make food look good for the camera.

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