Food Photographer in DubaiLet me create beautiful images for your restaurant or brand!!!

I’m Teena – A Professional Food Photographer & Stylist with over 7 years of experience.

I was born in India, developed my passion for food photography while in the US and currently reside in Dubai.

My exposure to international culture and food has helped me to create a diverse range of cuisines. I am sure I can use my observation and knowledge to craft something which you will love.

My portfolio will provide you a glimpse of my professional journey through the lens of my DSLR. It includes a variety of pictures I have taken over the years for my blog and select clients.

My expertise in food photography and styling is a result of professional courses, books, and countless hours of research which I continue to nurture.

The goal is always to capture that unique shot for creating tempting and mouth-watering food images.

Attention to detail in obtaining the freshest of ingredients, cooking, background, and styling is of utmost importance for me.

I try to keep image editing to a minimum. My photographic sensibilities allow me to use of the time of the day and direction of light for optimum texture and color.

I am available for restaurant menu shoots, social media or lifestyle photography, cookbooks, website, catalog, editorial, advertising assignments, recipe development as well as writing food-related articles.

Clients can expect originality and high quality in line with their vision from my fully equipped studio and kitchen.

If you have an assignment or any idea in mind, please contact me as I look forward to hearing from you.


Our mission in photography is to create striking images to encourage and inspire others. We aim to help our customers in their businesses using our expertise in photography.


We wish to see ourselves as one of the most reputed and creative food photographers in Dubai. With our photography, we want to portray things that the human eye can’t see.


We adhere to maintain our passion for photography. This is because no profession can succeed without passion. We are committed to delivering an unmatchable photography experience.

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