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Teena Agnel is an International award-winning commercial food photographer and stylist with over 9 years of experience.

She has worked with one of the region’s biggest F & B brands and catered to local and International clients. Her clients also include royal families.

She was born in India, developed her passion for food photography while in the US, and currently resides in Dubai. Her exposure to international culture and food has helped her to work with a diverse range of cuisines.

Few of the clients she has worked with include Starbucks, Zafran, Carluccious, McDonald’s, hummingbird bakery, and the list continues.

This portfolio will provide a glimpse of her professional journey through the lens of her DSLR. Teena’s photographic sensibilities allow her to position the direction of light for optimum texture and color.

Her passion for food and art drives her to achieve excellence at every step of her professional journey. The goal is always to capture that unique shot for creating tempting and mouth-watering food images. Clients can expect originality and high quality in line with their vision.

She believes professional food photography, along with proper marketing, plays a significant role in the increase of sales. Investing in good food photography is more important than ever because, in the age of social media and online delivery platforms, where you have access to many restaurants, it’s crucial to stand out.

She loves to capture mouth-watering images for restaurant menus, social media, lifestyle, cookbooks, websites, catalogs, and editorial and advertising billboards.

You can get in touch with her by clicking on the link contact me

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An absolute pleasure to work with Teena. Having tried several photographers and studios before working with her, we were extremely pleased with the results we got with Teena. A combo rarely found: professional, talented, and excellent value to money! We’ve done multiple food photoshoots with Teena (both light and dark moods). We highly recommend working with her as we’ll surely continue to work with her for future projects.

—-Bader Alotaibi – Owner – Bagel Yard, Dubai

Teena’s attention to detail, creativity and passion for what she does is portrayed in her work! She delivers beautiful results within tight deadlines. I look forward to every photoshoot with her because it is such a joy and pleasure to work with her.

—-Lara Ariss – Brand Manager, SugarMoo Desserts

Few of the Clients I have worked with

  • Starbucks
  • McDonald’s
  • Hummingbird Bakery
  • Galerie du Thé by Ahmad Tea
  • Betty Crocker
  • Nutella
  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Yo Sushi
  • Sugarmoo Desserts
  • Zafran Indian Bistro
  • Panasonic
  • Indian Oven
  • Bagel Yard
  • Madar Farms
  • The Meat Avenue
  • Rock House Sliders
  • Panda Express
  • Krush Brands
  • The Spruce Eats
  • Lavo
  • Switz
  • 1484 by Puro
  • Fakhry chicken
  • Prep Hero
  • AJ Kitchen
  • Old El Paso
  • Sauce Capital
  • Capilano Honey


Our mission in photography is to create striking images to encourage and inspire others. We aim to help our customers in their businesses using our expertise in photography.


We wish to see ourselves as one of the most reputed and creative food photographers in Dubai. With our photography, we want to portray things that the human eye can’t see.


We adhere to maintain our passion for photography. This is because no profession can succeed without passion. We are committed to delivering an unmatchable photography experience.