Role of a Food Stylist in Food Photography

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Food stylist understands composition, styling and the fact that food is styled differently for the camera. They plate and arrange the food. Every detail is taken care of to make the photograph look attractive.

Who is a Food Stylist?

‘People eat with their eyes’ and the food industry has taken the notion very seriously.

When you check a restaurant menu the images are presented in an appealing way and the person behind that is generally not the chef, but the food stylist.

Importance of a Food Stylist

There are many customers who would want to see the image of the food before ordering. Moreover, a photo of a dish becomes even more important when the customers come from a different culture and are not aware of how the dish looks.

At such times, Images of the individual menu items help the customers make a decision when ordering food.

A professional stylist knows the art of diversity

Today food photography is more of digital art where the photographers make use of modern technology to click pictures. Apart from food photography, the stylist also understands every ins and outs of food videography.

Making each and every dish photogenic has its own challenges. A stylist comes equipped with a range of techniques and tools that can help the food look its best.

Moreover, according to certain laws the food item displayed in the advertisements, must match with the dishes. Therefore the role of the stylist becomes even more important.

Helps in restaurant promotion

Photographs play an important role to help people when placing an order.

I use innovative ideas and the latest food photography trends to deliver quality images that can draw in more customers to your restaurant.

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