Role of a Food Stylist in Food Photography

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There was a time when you could eat your food, share it with your friends and also could make people jealous of it. Such times are long gone now. All thanks to the new technology and innovations that people can exhibit their food to people all over the world. They can also tell how and why did they cook it. Neat images are the utmost requirement for this. Called as food photography, most of the food websites, blogs, apps, etc., thrive over this kind of photography and showcase the photographs to everyone telling them what they have to offer.

Who is a Food Stylist?

‘People eat with their eyes’. This popular notion is seriously taken by the food organizations mentioned above. How? Let’s illustrate this. Suppose you go to a restaurant to order food. Obviously, you will be attracted by the images of the dishes displayed in the menu and then order those. Now those images are presented in such a fulfilling way on the menu and the person behind making such arrangements is not the chef, but the food stylist. It is the food stylist that makes the final food photograph look striking. It is this individual, who takes care of every small detail in making the photograph look more attractive and stylish.

Although professional food photography is quite important for your lounge or restaurant, food stylist is equally important. The menu of your restaurant plays an important role as it introduces the food that you offer to your customers. And if you have great pictures on your menu, you will be able to attract a lot of tourists, business travelers, and other people to your restaurant.

Therefore, a food item decorated by a professional stylist and clicked by a professional photographer has relevance to the bar and restaurants.

Importance of a Food Stylist

In this section, we shall discuss the importance of a food stylist. There are many customers who would want to see the image of the food item before ordering, so as to know what exactly they would be eating. Moreover, a photo of a dish becomes even more important when the customers come from a different culture and are not aware of the style of the dishes served.

Now, this is exactly where a stylist is required. He or she knows the dish inside out and makes use of the stylist skills before presenting it to be photographed. Such a person knows how to plate the food item, what details should be kept and what all should be removed. Overall, it is the food stylist who will make the dish look irresistible, and dress it up in a way assuring the customers that they will get exactly what they ordered.

Hiring a food photographer is quite important, but without a professional food stylist, it would mean nothing. Even when photographing the cuisines of your restaurant for your website, you also must hire a stylist to make the pictures of the dishes look exactly the same as served in your restaurant.

A professional stylist knows the art of diversity

Making each and every dish photogenic is not at all an easy task. But, that is exactly what the job of a food stylist is. He or she comes equipped with a wide range of techniques and tools that can help in ornamenting the food in a way that it looks the best.

Earlier it was the photography directors would swindle with pits of field and f-stops, of when the food to be photographed was exposed to hot lights for several hours. But today food photography is more of digital art where the photographers make use of modern technology to click pictures and a food stylist makes the food item look neat with all details. The digital cameras used in food photography in modern times make the procedure easy and convenient. Moreover, the food stylist further makes the pictures of the food more precise by using a unique color palette. Apart from food photography, the stylist also understands every ins and outs of food videography.

Along with making the food look stylish in a unique way, a food stylist will have to make it taste delicious. When preparing a food item for a TV commercial, for instance, poring Pennzoil over the pancakes would certainly not be a great idea, as the actors might also have to eat them.

Moreover, according to certain laws the food item displayed in the advertisements, must match with the dishes that were actually served. Therefore the role of the food stylist becomes even more important, as he/ she should not only make the food look good but also taste delicious, meeting everyone’s expectations.

Helps in restaurant promotion

Marketing your food joint or restaurant will help you decide whether or not you should invest in a food stylist. The promotion of your restaurant is quite crucial if it has just established. The crux is that your restaurant won’t get customers if they don’t hear about it. Therefore, it becomes important for people to know that your place offers some mouth-watering food that can satisfy their taste buds.

Photographs play an important role in this, and if the food item in the picture is styled uniquely in an irresistible way, then you can be sure of getting customers. Hiring a professional stylist will really be worthy of bringing in a large number of customers. However, a food stylist is not only important for the promotion of newly opened restaurants or cafeterias. Any food place would need to market their food business to as many people as possible and attract customers. And investing in professional food photography will do half of the thing. While the rest half can be managed by a quality food stylist who can make the dish look just so good.

For the food photography of your restaurant, you can hire me. In my profession, I use innovative ideas and latest food photography trends to deliver quality images that can draw in more customers to your restaurant.

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