The Rising Demand for Professional Food Stylists

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Whenever you are flipping through a food magazine, you come across several images like a hot-fudge sundae with strawberry ice cream or a birthday cake that looks more like an art.

These images activate your taste buds and make your stomach rumble and all you want is to just take a bite of that scrumptious looking dessert or appetizer. It is the role of the food stylists that makes image looks so captivating.

Who are Food Stylists?

Food Stylists are good cooks or culinary professionals with an understanding of compositional and styling skills who prepare food for photography, video or film. They not only make the food look delicious but also understands that preparing food for the camera is different from traditional cooking. They look into every possible detail and understand the tricks and techniques to make the food look their best.

The advanced technology used in modern times has made food photography more of digital art. The DSLRs used these days make the entire photography process easier. Understanding the ins and outs of photography and videography is also another basic requirement of good food stylists.

Why are food stylists in demand?

1) They can prepare and present food

Food stylists prepare the food and plate it for the camera. They also master the art of cooking and baking.

2) They understand food

Though they cannot be called food scientists, food stylists understand the food and the various aspects of cooking. Having skills in culinary art is quite common for such individuals.

3) They do not require degrees

Most of the food stylists do not possess a culinary art degree from an institute or college of cooking. This is mainly because the profession of a food stylist is self-taught. They do not require any outside education. However, many resources are available to enhance skills in photography, cooking, and creative design.

4) They are innovative and creative

Since food styling is an art, the individuals choosing it as a profession has to be innovative and creative. Whenever preparing a dish for a photo-shoot, they need to take out their creative side and choose the props to be used to accentuate the food. They carry a variety of backdrops and props.

5) They do not repeat their ideas

Food styling is a profession where ideas do not have to be repeated. Every day and every situation is unique for food stylists ranging from getting different props to filming videos for campaigns. The requirement and taste of the client are also kept in mind when implementing their food styling skills. Every shoot is different.

6) They also perform unique tasks

The profession of food stylists is not limited to only photography. It completely depends on the project as well as the requirement of the client. In some cases, they may also perform unique tasks like cooking a dish and demonstrating it in a video.

7) They may also work in odd timings

The profession of food styling is not a 9 to 5 job. They may also have work on weekends and evening times. Their schedule entirely depends on the project.

Skills of Food Styling Professionals

The food styling profession requires individuals to possess a certain set of skills.

1) Well organized

A food stylist must be well organized. This will help the photoshoot to go on effortlessly.

2) Focus on the details

The profession of food photography is about taking care of all the details. The food styling professionals pay great attention to every single detail of the food that is photographed. The plating, backdrops, props are taken care of by a stylist. This skill will make the dish appealing.

3) Work as a team

A food stylist also collaborates with food photographers depending on the requirements of the project.

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