Things to consider before hiring a Food Photographer

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Social media has been a great equalizer giving out the same stage to the new business owners and the established businesses for competing with each other in the market. Social media marketing also applies to food businesses like a new food joint or a restaurant.

Restaurant owners must always keep in mind that to stay ahead of the competitors, they must have an excellent marketing strategy. And for this purpose, they will require high-quality photos of their restaurants and for their print and online menus. It is a great way to attract potential customers to your restaurant.

If you are a restaurant owner, then undoubtedly a well thought out menu, inviting ambiance of your restaurant and exceptional service will let the customers return to your restaurant. But, it is mainly the food that will keep bringing your customers back. Food photos play a significant role in bringing in your customers. A tempting photograph of an exclusive dish that you offer will appeal to their senses of sight and will make them want to come to your restaurant. For this reason, investing in professional food photography is always recommended.

Tips for Hiring a Food Photographer

If you want some great food photos for promoting your restaurant, then you must hire the right person for the job. The following tips will help you in finding the most appropriate food photographer for your restaurant business.

1) Look for the Experience

When it comes to selecting a food photographer for marketing your food business, it is suggested that you go with the one who has at least 3 to 5 years of experience in the industry.

Another thing to consider is that a portrait or commercial photographer may not be able to click culinary photos appealingly. Therefore, you must always look for an experienced and professional food photographer who has mastery over a different set of skills needed for food photography.

2) Provision of Food Styling

A food stylist does a great job of using his or her knowledge of compositional skills and techniques to make food look great. He/she will observe the plating and styling of the food that you offer and will arrange the food in a way that looks good on the camera. Whenever you engage a food photographer, he/ she will either tie-up with another individual offering food styling or will himself/ herself have the styling skills.

Before hiring a food photographer, you must always enquire about the provision of a food stylist. If he/she will bring one or offers the food styling services, then you must ask if you have to pay for the styling services separately or if the service cost is part of the food photography cost.

3) Setup of the Photoshoot

Another thing to ask is about the setup of the photoshoot. It includes the venue, lighting, and props used for food styling. Generally, a professional would like to take photographs in the ambiance of your restaurant and will consider natural lighting for the pictures. But, if your restaurant does not get enough natural light, then the artificial light is always the next choice.

Props add another layer and make the food more appealing. It is one of the critical aspects of food styling. Food stylists have a good collection of props, and they bring it without charging any additional fee. Some food photographers may charge extra for getting these props and accessories.

4) Cooking for the Photoshoot

The task of cooking a dish would be your chef’s responsibility. A food stylist will work with the chef to plate the final dish in a way that looks good on the camera. If the food items being shot is a burger or sandwich, a food stylist is often responsible for the assembly.  If the project is for food brands then the stylist is responsible for cooking the dish on the set or a day in advance.

It usually happens if the photoshoot takes place in a studio setting.

5) Consider the Total Costs

Before you hire a food photographer for your restaurant marketing, always consider the additional costs that may arise. Ask if he/she will be charging you a flat fee, or will charge you extra for the add-ons like food styling services, props and cooking services (if required) or ingredients.

Since there are dozens of professional food photographers in Dubai, you must look for as many as possible, compare the ones on your shortlist and hire the one that fits in your budget.

Are you looking for a food photographer in Dubai? If so, Teena Agnel is one of the experienced professionals in the industry who serves as a food photographer and a food stylist as well. She has worked for many popular restaurants, and her work has been an asset to their business success. She also keeps herself updated with the latest food photography trends too.

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