Importance of Food Photography for Restaurants

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A picture speaks a thousand words.

To improve your branding and marketing, increase sales, and attract new customers, it is important to invest in quality food photography. It will directly appeal to your customers, making them want to taste the food. It also helps them to make decisions when ordering food.

With the help of professional food photography, you will be able to deliver a meaningful message and connect with the customers. The brand identity of your restaurant stands as a pillar for your success since you have to deal with strong competition. Good photography is one of the basic and most important tools for online marketing.

A professional Food Photographer understands how to make food look good for the camera. With styling and compositional skills, you will have beautifully curated images for your restaurant menu, social media, and marketing materials.

Consistent Restaurant Branding

We understand that in today’s competitive world building an effective branding strategy is very important.

Your restaurant is a place where people come to eat and have a good time. Delivering a message about quality and lifestyle adds value to your brand. And to achieve this, you will have to make your brand identity visual. Photos indeed are the best choice to do this.

Before making a dining decision, we often surf the net via web search engines, go through social media pages or browse mobile apps. Since we eat through our eyes its imperative for the restaurant to have good images of their menu items.

A Professional Food Photographer can help you create a beautiful visual menu. This can be done in a way that tells a story about your brand.

The Importance of Quality Food Photography

As compared to snapshots from the mobile camera, professional food photography can make a stronger impression. Here are a few points elaborating on the importance of food photography for your restaurant.

  1. Photos create an identity for your brand

You get various opportunities to tell more about your brand with quality food photography. Things like composition, lighting, and styling play a wonderful role in creating your identity. A professional photographer understands the different aspects when it comes to creating content. A food stylist will style your food item in a striking way that will make a lasting impression on your audience.

  1. Good photos increase sales

When you invest in professional food photography, it will help you increase your sales. When you make use of quality images highlighting some popular food items on your menu, it is very likely for the customers to order those. This is very important for online menus these days. Studies also show that many restaurants that switched from traditional text menus to photo-based menus on online ordering platforms saw an increase in sales.

  1. Engage the audience with user-generated photos

User-generated content or UGC plays a major role in marketing today. Statistics suggest that around 55% of people trust UGC to make their buying decision. Many consumers say that they trust the brand recommendations from other people before buying from those brands.

Along with that, the quality of UGC is also growing as phone cameras are getting better. Food bloggers generate high-quality content and make use of quality photos to engage the audience.

  1. Let your staff tell a story

Storytelling is a great way to attract customers and engage them with your brand emotionally. The professional food photographers can take pictures of your chef preparing the dishes. This kind of lifestyle images will add a personal touch to your brand.

  1. Speak up with your photos

Studies suggest that most people remember a total of 10% of the information they read on blogs or websites through the content. But when they see an image or a photo, they generally remember about 60% of it, which also makes them remember the co-related content. Let the photo of the item do the talking and let the customers recognize your brand through the photographs they see.

Food photography can be a perfect strategy, which if followed correctly can make you stand out from the rest. A delicious-looking dish in a photograph will make the customers step in your restaurant craving for it.

Teena Agnel is one of the best food photographers and stylists in Dubai. She has experience of over 5 years and is an expert in this business. Because she tries to keep the image editing to a minimum, you as a client can expect originality and superior quality in your food photography.

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