The Rising Demand of Professional Food Stylists

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Whenever you are flipping through a food magazine, you come across several images and pictures of food like a hot-fudge sundae with strawberry ice cream and a blueberry on top, or a birthday cake that looks more like an art. All of such pictures are just too good that they activate your taste buds and make your stomach rumble and all you want is to just take a bite of that eye-catching food item and quench your taste buds. But do you know it is the food stylists who creates the art in a food item?

Who are Food Stylists?

Food Stylists are culinary professionals who prepare food items for photography, video or film. They not only make the food look delicious but also photogenic. They look into every possible detail and are armed with every kind of technique to make the food items look their best.

The advanced technology used in modern times has made food photography more of digital art. The digital cameras used these days make the entire photography process easier. Understanding the ins and outs of photography and videography is also another basic requirement of good food stylists.

Why are food stylists in demand?

1) They can prepare and present food

Food stylists prepare the food and plate it in a presentable manner. They make the food item look appealing to the camera so that it is photographed in an appealing way to the customers. Before a photoshoot, they ensure to talk to the customers, photographers, prop stylists as well as the marketing teams. They also master the art of cooking and baking food items.

2) They understand food

Though it cannot be called food scientists, food stylists understand the food and know the cooking aspects related to it. For instance, they know how and when will the onion change its color to a golden brown, or how to cook just the egg white of an egg. For better food styling skills, these individuals read cookbooks and also practice cooking or baking regularly. Having skills in culinary art is quite common for such individuals.

3) They do not require degrees

Most of the food styling individuals do not possess a culinary art degree from an institute or college of cooking. This is mainly because the profession of a food stylist is self-teaching. They do not require any outside education. However, many resources are existing to enhance the skills and talent an individual possesses in photography, cooking, and creative design. But, if an individual is interested in the profession of food styling, then a bachelor’s degree from a culinary college can do wonders in this career. Having formal training in cookery will provide a solid foundation to get big projects in this profession.

4) They are innovative and creative

Since food styling is an art style, the individuals choosing it as a profession has to be innovative and creative. Whenever preparing a dish for a photo-shoot, they need to take out their creative side and choose the props to be used to accentuate the already tempting food item. Plus the backdrop they create will enhance the job.

5) They do not repeat their ideas

Food styling is a profession where ideas do not have to be repeated. Every day and every situation is unique for food stylists. They make use of unique skills every day and for every situation ranging from getting different props to filming videos for campaigns. The requirement and taste of the client are also kept in mind when implementing their food styling skills. Every shoot is unique for them.

6) They also perform unique tasks

The profession of food stylists is not limited or rigid. It completely depends on the situation as well as the requirement of the client. Some of them may create their recipes distributing them through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Besides being skilled in using social media to their advantage, they may also perform unique tasks like cooking a dish and demonstrating it in a video.

7) They may also work in odd timings

The profession of food styling is not a 9 to 5 job. They may also have work on weekends and evening times. Their schedule entirely depends on the client who they are working for.

Skills of Food Styling Professionals

The food styling profession requires individuals to possess a certain set of skills. Here, we are mentioning a few of them. Take a look.

1) Well organized

The first skill that these individuals possess is that they must be well organized. Food stylists may appear to set a stage that they may not be familiar with at all. Since these individuals are well organized, they can arrange the stage in the desired way. This will help the photoshoot to go on effortlessly.

2) Focus on the details

The profession of food photography is everything about detailing. The food styling professionals pay great attention to every single detail of the food item that is photographed. How is it plated, what all is shown, what all is eliminated, what kind of backdrop is used, and other little things like these are kept in mind by stylists. This skill will not only make the dish attractive but also evoke a nice feeling about the dish.

3) Work as a team

Food stylists, although work alone, implement teamwork. Not only they listen to and work with the client’s demand, but, also keep in mind the requirement of the photographer.

The name of Teena Agnel is known in the world of food styling professionals based in Dubai. This young and talented artist has experience of over four years in this industry. She stands among the best food stylists and photographers in Dubai. She can create magic for your restaurant if hired for the food photography task.

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